Manna Soup Kitchen

The Manna Soup Kitchen was established in 1994 to provide basic, but well balanced meals to over 2000 black children in various crèches and day care centres throughout the Daveyton/Etwatwa area. This was initiated when we became aware of the acute hardship and poverty that has become prevalent.  Once a week, we go out and provide the basic supplies and ingredients for meals which are cooked on site by the beneficiaries. We also provide clothing and any other goods if and when available.  We are planning to participate in the Government initiative for Early Childhood Development. Through this alliance, we will assist the teachers and community leaders to uplift and implement the minimum standards required for the early development years in a child’s life.  We also assist in the area of Agriculture by offering accredited training in this field and assistance in the creation of co-operatives. This encourages ownership, sustainability and skills development.  We would like our beneficiaries to be fully-sufficient.

Accomplishments to date:

  • Supply food to 40 different crèches with an average of more than 40 children
  • We added one old age facility to support 152 residents
  • We added a home for disabled children with 15 kids- 3 to 21 years of age
  • The community is represented by 2 people elected by themselves,  on the Manger Care Governing body committee
  • We collaborate with Santa Shoebox and distribute over 4000 gifts to disadvantage children 

We urgently need your assistance, financially or any other way – goods/clothes/stationery, to enable us to continue with our support to these children and potentially add to our beneficiary list.  We currently have a substantial waiting list from people in need of help.

Manna Soup Kitchen is in need of the following:

  • Mielie Meal
  • Samp / Mielie Rice
  • Rice /Soya
  • Any other food products
  • A donation towards diesel costs (one trip equals 84km) will be welcome 

We assure you that any donations made will be appreciated and effectively utilized.

Please remember that The Manger Care Centre is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and any donations contributed, be it cash or material goods are tax deductable according to Section 18(a) of the SARS Income Tax Act.

Thank you for your valued support of the Manna Soup Kitchen. We look forward to a warm and mutually beneficial relationship in the future.


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