Manger Marine

Nowhere can anyone afford to house, clothe, and feed themselves, and provide for their health and transport needs, on R34 per day. A reality for our beneficiaries at Manger Marine, dependent on a State Old Age Pension or Disability Social Grant. Manger Care Centre recognised with a rapidly ageing population, and a crumbling moral fibre, the need of the elderly and the disabled and established Manger Marine in 1993. As a NPO with PBO status, faith-based organisation, we’re committed to serving senior citizens and adults with disabilities of all faiths and walks of life.

Manger Marine provides affordable housing, access to affordable quality health care and social support, fulfilling a vital role in the community.

Services at Manger Marine are provided at a nominal rental to the elderly and disabled reliant on an Old Age Pension (SOAP), which provides support to men over 65 and to women over the age of 60. The second is the Disability Grant (DG), which provides support to adults with disabilities. Manger Marine provides independent living facilities to these groups of beneficiaries, reducing the burden of care for families, the State and communities.

Manger Marine supports the principle of Healthy and Active Ageing.

Our own income derived from rentals, are not sufficient to maintain the infrastructure and development of our facilities.

Assistance is needed for the upkeep, maintenance and refurbishments of our current facilities. This will ensure our beneficiaries enjoy the underlying principles of independent, meaningful lives underscored by the value of quality care envisioned by ourselves.

Ways to assist Manger Marine:

  • Help us to build a larger kitchen where we can prepare nutritious meals for our residents, and where our residents can bake biscuits, rusks and other confectionery for sale.
  • Help us turn one of the older buildings, known as “Sewende Laan”, not suitable for residential stay, into a communal area, housing the new larger kitchen, a dining hall with toilet and basin facilities, and assist us to move the septic tank behind the building.
  • Help us to install much needed ceilings in accommodation without ceilings and painting of the buildings.
  • Help us to keep our residents secure – upgrade our security fencing. Help us to refurbish some of the living quarters – allowing us to help more senior and disabled citizens.

Our property, situated en route to Hartbeespoort Dam from Pretoria makes our exterior wall ideal for contributors considering a monthly contribution of R5 000 or more for advertising purposes.

Larger contributions and we can enter into negotiations for advertising space or co-branding of our vehicles.

Manger Marine welcomes contributions of any size towards the running cost of the organisation.

Please remember that Manger Care Centre is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and any donations contributed, be it cash or material goods are Tax deductible according to Section 18(a) of the SARS Income Tax Act.



All donations contributed, be it with cash or material goods are tax deductible according to section 18A of the SARS income tax act.

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