Our vision is to create a loving environment and a home for people that are shunned from society. We enable positive upliftment, including psychological, spiritual and emotional upliftment, and empowerment through various initiatives.  To achieve our goals, we manage various projects to provide food, clothing, skills development, employment opportunities, post-rehabilitation services and housing for our beneficiaries.

Eden’s  purpose , situated in Benoni, is to support abused woman and children, orphans, recovering addicts, ex- parolees, the unemployed, destitute and physically challenged persons and elderly.  All admissions to Eden must be in a position to care for themselves and perform physical tasks/work.

We have created an environment for post-rehabilitation and re-integration for recovering addicts.  All recovering addicts that is allowed admission to Eden need to attend our Road to Recovery program and our 12 step program to recovery.

  • The person involved must have completed a course at a rehabilitation centre for a minimum period of 2 weeks, or
  • Have a clean period for 2 weeks
  • Testing can be done with no warning and if any person is found in possession/ under influence of any illicit drug he/she will be asked to leave the premises immediately. We have a zero tolerance with regards to illicit drugs and it is against the law.

Currently we have 160 beneficiaries living on Eden. They are housed in dormitories and small family units.  We have created a model community which allow beneficiaries with our support to become functional members of society again.

We have various businesses with which we negotiate employment for our beneficiaries.  Employment is on a temporary basis, with options to become permanently employed after a trial period has been completed. We transport the people from the centre to the places of work and collect them after their shifts on a daily basis.

Beneficiaries from this centre also form part of the Manger Care Head Office staff, manning essential services like:

  • Fundraising Department
  • Bakery
  • General Administration
  • Transport Department
  • Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Food Distributions
  • Security

Assistance required:

We believe that we create an environment that represents home,  a concept that is unfamiliar to some of our beneficiaries. Although the accommodation is humble, we like to keep it in good repair, clean and hygienic.  All of our beneficiaries  needs to work  and deserve to come home to a safe place, a hot shower, a comfortable bed and a good plate of food.

We need funds to:

  • Replace the beds with bunker beds throughout the living quarters (84 bunker beds)
  • Renovate the perimeter wall and paint it
  • Install electric fencing
  • Renovate the kitchen dining and serving area.

We assure you that any donation made is appreciated and will be utilized effectively.

Please remember that The Manger Care Centre is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and any donations contributed, be it cash or goods are tax deductible under Section 18(a) of the SARS Income Tax Act. 

Thank you for your valued support to the Manger Care Centre and its beneficiaries.  We look forward to a warm and mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

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