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Background – established in 2011

The Manger Carpentry was born in 2011.  We always purchased baskets and wooden cases from different suppliers for our hamper projects, so we decided to manufacture different wooden cases ourselves and keep the profits internal.

This created a win-win situation for Manger, as we established new jobs for the residents staying within Manger

This project can create any wooden case from scratch to a tailor made design and also refurbish old furniture.

We have done various items like Photo frames, benches, shelves, crosses etc.

If an y queries or requirements please contact Meloney 083 745 7502.

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President Zuma launches hydroponic project at Manger Care Centre

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The project was launched at Manger Care Centre in Elaine Street through the Jacob G Zuma Foundation.

The foundation has previously donated tunnels in which to grow vegetables in short period.

Zuma said such projects aim to eradicate poverty and ensure long term and sustainable food security.

“During the State of the Nation Address (Sona) you’d recall that I indicated that we have identified agriculture as a key job driver and that our target for the sector is to create a million jobs by 2030.

“Part of what we are doing here today falls within that ambit of ensuring that agriculture becomes an important tool in the hands of the people in changing their lives for the better,” said Zuma, adding that he is happy that with a project like this “we are beginning to make that objective a reality”.

Zuma said people would also recall that during Sona he made a commitment that support will be provided to communities as well to engage in food production and sustainable farming to promote food security in line with Fesahlala food production programme.

“This initiative is meant to ensure that our people become productive and get involved in agriculture and use agriculture as a means of fighting poverty and also become productive within the economy.

“I’m excited that you are actively involved in such an important small scale farming project which has a potential of growing and becoming massive to relieve you from the scourge of poverty,” stated Zuma.

Zuma said he knew the project is going to grow massively to all wards in the country.

“You are truly a living example of the people who respond to what is shown to them — you are an example of an adage which says that journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

“I’m here to congratulate and encourage you to continue in this path and ensure that you are economically active especially around agriculture.

“It is our government’s objective to encourage and stimulate small to medium enterprises because that is where the huge potential lies for our people to gain meaningful employment hence we have established a ministry dedicated to the development of small business,” Zuma.

The project was developed eight months ago as a pilot to a broader programme that will aim to develop opportunity for entrepreneurs, job creation as well as community food security gardens which are affordable to develop and easy to maintain.

Zuma said the Manger Care Centre project has been very successful.

“It has had one full crop rotation and the next crop is presently been established by the community.

“Over the last eight months this garden have yielded an average of 1000 bunches of spinach every 10 days — yielding up to R3 500 after every harvest, said Zuma.

This, he said, is against a maintenance cost of R400 per month per tunnel in growing consumables and packaging.

Produce are sold to either local retailers, wholesalers and directly to consumers at higher margins.

Zuma said the custodians of the garden have been assisting the disadvantaged South Africans.

“The development of this facility has improved the lives of many South Africans –It has created employment while driving and stimulating local economy,” he said.

Mayor of Ekurhuleni Mondli Gungubele and Ward 24 councillor Stephanie Kruger were also present.

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Heritage Day Celebration with Sonja Herholdt

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Raising funds through music, motivation and Inspiration

Severe hail damage to our solar panel geysers was the inspiration behind Meloney Bouwer’s, pictured above, fundraiser idea on Heritage Day. This was to raise funds for a 1000 litre boiler for the community of Eden, a Manger Care Centre project, in desperate need of hot water.

Even though we did not reach our intended target of R69 715.38(proceeds were R 6 857.75), our sponsors made the event memorable in every way. Give-aways, good food and good company made for an excellent event.

Sonja Herholdt took over the 2nd half with her show, “Die hartklop van ‘n perelvrou”.
Evidence to prove that it is possible to overcome obstacles in life and provide opportunities where we learn from one another and support each other. The program  was motivating , the best way to describe it is an inspirational experience with not a dry eye in sight, from men and women alike.
Men who attended her music motivational programme for women commented that more men should hear the message

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