MCC SD&ED Project

The MCC SD&ED has twenty one(21) organic vegetable tunnels where we produce our own spinach. Each tunnel contains approximately 1400 spinach plants. With funding from the NDA (National Development Association), the Manger has also developed a 1400m2 vegetable tunnel at Blessings Residence.

Overview of the project:

  • We currently have 15 small vegetable tunnels, 1 huge vegetable tunnel 4 poly house tunnels ( 1 at Manger Marine producing seedlings) where we grow high quality organic spinach and sell to the community at an affordable rate. We have managed this project for over 7 years and we drastically need to expand our focus to give even more back to the community. The NDA (National Development Agency) granted us the initial capital to purchase the big tunnel and prepare the layout for the Vegetable tunnel project.
  • We have established an accredited training facility where we can train beneficiaries as well as communities all over South Africa on how to run a farm and how to make a living out of farming. In our experience in a lot of organisations there are not a lot of successful vegetable tunnel projects because of a lack of experience, training and management skills.
  • We aim to drastically improve the standard on how organisations, businesses, farmers and workers operate.
  • We aim to start off locally and then expand our project into all 9 provinces in South Africa. Our project model can then be duplicated in other areas as well, which makes it a very successful and sustainable project.

Below is the current vegetable tunnels’ infrastructure:

sd @ ed diagram00048120150310123634_001
This project was sponsored in  part by BATSA (British American Tobacco South Africa) who made a substantial donation toward the furtherance of the Training Centre.

Interested parties may contact Mr. Zen Teitge for further information regarding this particular project or visit our website on



All donations contributed, be it with cash or material goods are tax deductible according to section 18A of the SARS income tax act.

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