Services at Manger Marine are provided at a nominal charge to the elderly and disabled reliant on an Old Age Pension (SOAP), which provides support to men over 65 and to women over the age of 60. The second is the Disability Grant (DG), which provides support to adults with disabilities.  Manger Marine provide independent living facilities to these groups of beneficiaries.  We rely heavily on contributions from local businesses and individuals to provide these services.  Manger Marine supports the principle of Healthy and Active Ageing.

Robmen House

Benoni Boksburg Association for the physically disabled(known as Robmen House) was established in 1985 to give care and attention to physically and mentally challenged people. The project’s focus is on taking care of the special needs of these people and enriching their lives. The home currently looks after 16 disabled people on government pensions who are unable to afford care in a private facility. We are dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment for all our residents.

We offer protection, care and love against the harsh realities and threats of today’s world.

Funding is a constant challenge to all non-profit organizations, with Robmen House being no different.

Please support our charity shop not only through your purchases, but your unwanted goods are most welcome as stock for our charity shop.

Soup Kitchen

No one should have to go to bed on an empty stomach.

Manna Soup Kitchen provide the basic supplies and ingredients for meals which are cooked on site by the beneficiaries. We also provide clothing and any other goods if and when available.

This give these learners at 43  Early Childhood Development Centre’s( over 2000 children and growing) the edge to provide them with enough energy to enhance concentration in class and to keep learners nourished. Food is a practical yet vital way we can serve those in need.



Manger Care Centre Bakery was started in July of 2009 as part of a self-sustainability and income generating project, boasting a fully equipped bakery in which staff/beneficiaries are trained to become fully qualified to operate in this professional environment.  MCC Bakery has established itself in the niche market of providing fresh homemade bread, delectable biscuits and light meals to order.


Eden’s  purpose , situated in Benoni, is to support abused woman and children, orphans, recovering addicts, ex- parolees, the unemployed, destitute and physically challenged persons and elderly.  All admissions to Eden must be in a position to care for themselves and perform physical tasks/work

SD & ED Projects

Manger Care Centre started its MCC SD&ED Skills & Economic development project to increase sustainable agricultural economical development which falls in line with the 2030 National Development Plan of South Africa. MCC SD & ED specialise in providing accredited agricultural training to rural communities.  Situated in Benoni AH our sustainable farm has 20 tunnels providing quality seedlings to surrounding farms and projects.We offer  a wide range of services which includes but is not limited to:Enterprise Development, Project Management, Consulting & Organisation Development, Business Plan Writing, On and Off Site Accredited agricultural training,End User Computing Training, Quality Control, MCC Training Venue Hire, Assessing of Plant Production level 1-4 POE’s, Moderating of Plant Production level 1-4 POE’s



is our Lord and Saviour


Manger Care Centre creates an environment that enables positive upliftment and empowerment through its various initiatives. We achieve these goals through various programs that provide feeding, clothing, skills development, employment opportunities, post-rehabilitation services and housing for beneficiaries.

Our Main Purpose

Manger Care Centre aims to intervene in the vicious cycle of poverty and at giving children, families and communities in need a chance to become a generation of hope who are strong, dependable members of society, well-educated and morally grounded, capable of nurturing others and making a valuable contribution to the economy. We aim to help individuals to help others and thus enable the next generation to excel.We target areas such as Feeding Schemes, Clothing provision, Skills Development, Community Upliftment, Employment opportunities, rehabilitation Care Projects, including psychological, spiritual and emotional upliftment. We also join hands with other NPO’s to lend support to their projects.

NLC Funding


The most widely known role of the NLC is its funding of non-profit organisations that play a role in the development of our society – through sport and recreation activities, through initiatives in the areas of arts, culture, national heritage and conservation, and through social services – including community health and literacy projects. The Commission is assisted in this by three committees known as Distributing Agencies which are appointed by the Minister of Trade and Industry to award grants from the NLDTF. They are selected for their expertise in the specific sector for which they allocate grants.

10 Oct

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